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Welcome Instapundit readers. If you want to know why rich liberals are not just hypocrites, but also wrong, read this post that tries to teach President Obama about the Laffer Curve.


I’ve written before about how some leftists have a masochistic desire to pay higher taxes.

I’ve also exposed Warren Buffett’s dishonest math, which is part of his campaign for bigger government.

And I’ve even debated rich statists on TV, telling them not to make the rest of us victims of their neurotic guilt feelings.

So it was with considerable amusement that I saw this video clip from the Daily Caller, exposing the utter hypocrisy of rich leftists.

By the way, you may recognize Michelle Fields because she narrated this video on how bad government policies such as the New Deal made the Great Depression worse.

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Here’s my politically correct Christmas greeting from last year, and here’s the PC version of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas that I posted this year.

But what about politically incorrect humor?

Okay, even though Christmas already has passed, you’ve twisted my arm.

We’ll start with some Christmas music from Achmed the Dead Terrorist.

And here’s Larry the Cable Guy, with some more Christmas carols.

But if you prefer to be PC rather than un-PC, here’s a great Jay Leno joke about terrorism during the Christmas holiday season.

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