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I’m sure all the non-Bulldawwg readers may not be waiting with breathless anticipation, but I can’t resist a celebratory post about the Georgia Bulldogs winning the 2012 Capital Alumni Network softball championship.

We handled #4-seed American University in the semifinal game, with a workmanlike 14-6 victory.

Then, as the scoreboard below illustrates, we let #1-seed Ohio University get a lead before opening a can of you-know-what and grinding them into the dust.

The only bad news is that I couldn’t be there for the final, much less have a chance to contribute. I’m sitting at Dulles Airport, waiting for a flight to Chicago.

Normally, I would never schedule a flight to interfere with something important like softball, but the tournament was supposed to end yesterday.

But the news isn’t all bad, I got upgraded to first class. Not much consolation, but I’ll take it.

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Beginning last weekend with wins over Indiana, Arizona State, and LSU, followed earlier today with victories over George Mason University (my other alma mater), Virginia Tech (defending champs from 2011), and Vanderbilt, the Georgia Bulldogs have advanced to the Final 4 of the Capital Alumni Network softball tournament.

We play tomorrow at 11:00 against American University (#4 seed). If we get past them, we play the winner of the game between Ohio University (#1 seed) and James Madison University.

Our hero in the Sweet-16 game against Virginia Tech was Chris Walters, who hit a 3-run inside-the-park home run to tie the game when we were down to our last out.

In the Elite-8 game against Vandy, Marieo Foster was the man, with three home runs, each one more titanic than the previous blast.

Yours truly sadly didn’t contribute anything, but us old guys at least provide a steadying veteran presence. Or something like that.

Here’s a pic of the team “calling the Dawgs” before one of the games.

We began the season way back on April 1, when we won the SEC-ACC preseason tournament.

So keep your fingers crossed that we can win two games tomorrow and give the Bulldogs a much-deserved title to close out the season.

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The Georgia Bulldog softball team, part of the Capital Alumni Network league in the DC area, won yesterday’s preseason tournament featuring teams from the Southeastern Conference and Atlantic Coast Conference.

You may notice the presence of someone who appears to be just a tad bit older than the other players. That is not an April Fool’s example of photoshop. It is yours truly, a crafty veteran.

Anyhow, hopefully this is an omen for Georgia’s 2012 football season.

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The good news is that I just finished up a couple of days skiing at Okemo and Killington with the kids.

The bad news is that the Georgia Bulldogs ended a miserable season with a pathetic loss to a mediocre University of Central Florida Team. We got home in time to watch the 4th quarter, which was a rather unfortunate 15 minutes.

A few other year-end observations.

I’m hopeful that my efforts to spread the message of freedom and prosperity are having at least some positive impact. My videos were watched about 420,000 times this year. Almost 900 people are now following my efforts on twitter, and this blog as been far more successful than I had hoped (Glenn Reynolds deserves a lot of the credit since his Instapundit links drive an amazing share of the traffic to International Liberty).

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Our AA 50+ softball team made it to the final day of the World Series tournament in Phoenix, but we lost 15-14 to a team from Alaska and missed out shot at the title.

We had the tying run on second and I was on deck when the game ended, so I missed my chance for glory (or embarrassment). But we played very well yesterday, knocking several teams out of the tournament.

And the Georgia Bulldogs beat Kentucky, their third straight win after a terrible 1-4 start, so the sports news this weekend was not all bad.

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Blogging will be at irregular hours for the next week. I am in Sydney for the Mont Pelerin Society conference. The MPS was founded in 1947 by Friedrich Hayek, “…to facilitate an exchange of ideas between like-minded scholars in the hope of strengthening the principles and practice of a free society and to study the workings, virtues, and defects of market-oriented economic systems.” Home to several Nobel laureates, the MPS is an oasis of freedom-loving individuals in a world that seems to reward statism and conformity. Belonging to this organization is one of the great honors of my life.

And perhaps I will have to travel overseas more often. When I landed in Sydney, I discovered that order had been restored to the universe. By that, I mean that the beloved Bulldogs had thrashed the Tennessee Volunteers 41-14.

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The world is coming to an end. The Georgia Bulldogs have dropped to 1-4, losing a game to Colorado 29-27 thanks to a late fumble to ruin what should have been a game-winning drive.

There’s nothing else to say. I’m going to curl up in a fetal position and sulk.

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After coming for 14 points down in the 4th quarter, Georgia allowed a touchdown with 15 seconds to go and lost to Arkansas 31-24.

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Truth and Justice Prevail

The beloved Bulldawgs of Georgia cruised to an easy victory against a first-game patsy, thumping University of Louisiana-Lafayette, 55-7.

Here am I with the three kids, who have been indoctrinated to loathe government and love Georgia.

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I don’t get it. How can Georgia lose at home to an unranked Kentucky team, but then beat #7 Georgia Tech on the road the following weekend? Just a rhetorical question, of course, but it sure felt nice. Georgia 30 – Tech 24!

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It was bad enough that UGA VII died unexpectedly, but that was nothing compared to losing to Kentucky…at home…after going into halftime with a 20-6 lead. This has not been the best of seasons, and I’m not terribly optimistic about next week’s game against Georgia Tech.  So I’m going to retreat into my shell and think about memories of a better time…

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I’m in mourning because my Bulldogs lost a heartbreaker to LSU (aided by a terrible call, but also because the team is unable to return kickoffs or defend kickoffs).

In more positive news, I played in the Winter Nationals softball tourney in Virginia Beach and was named to the All-Tournament Team after going 6-9 with two home runs and two doubles.

All things considered, though, I would have prefered the Bulldogs winning and me striking out every at-bat.

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…Good! From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, here’s a photo of Blair Walsh celebrating his kick. This was the first game that I watched on TV, so I missed a rainstorm. But it would have been nice to be there for yet another tense game. Next week, LSU.


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Greetings from Arkansas. My Bulldogs won, 52-41, but we gave up almost 500 yards. I would say that former Coach Vince Dooley is spinning in his grave about that defensive performance, but he’s still alive.

However, a win is a win is a win. Next week, back to Athens to face Arizona State.

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After a disappointing outing in Stillwater, Oklahoma, that perhaps could be attributed to a horrible (but game changing) blown call by the refs, my beloved Bulldogs bounced back to beat South Carolina in a wild game.

I give a speech this Friday in Corpus Christi, Texas, but I’m doing that event primarily so I can return to DC via Arkansas and see the Dawgs (hopefully) climb to 2-1 on the season.

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