One of the most striking trends is the number of students who have told me they feel robbed of the ability to have children, cheated out of parenthood by decades of climate denial and inaction by baby boomers and their own Gen X parents. My students are not alone. A global survey in 2021 of 10,000 people between the ages of 16 and 25 shows…60 percent told researchers they felt “very” or “extremely” worried about climate change. …nearly 4 in 10 said they were “hesitant to have children.” …the carbon footprint of a baby born in the United States is gigantic; having one fewer child cuts emissions far more than giving up airplanes, meat or automobiles. …My students aren’t talking about the carbon footprints of babies. They’re talking about grief, about a future that has been lost.

This is not a new issue, by the way. I wrote way back in 2009 about some people getting sterilized to make sure they don’t inadvertently create a kid.

As a libertarian, it’s not my role to tell people to have kids. Or not to have kids. But I can’t resist opining that it’s bizarrely illogical to get so depressed about the possibility of a warming planet.

Even if you fully believe every apocalyptic prediction from the most hysterical environmentalist (and support their radical agenda), the net impact of a few kids presumably is akin to pouring a glass of water in a big lake.

Yes, the water level changes, but the net impact is utterly trivial.

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