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After three editions in 2022 (here, here, and here), it’s time for the first edition of gun control humor in 2023.

We’ll start with this video from Babylon Bee.

Very clever. Reminiscent of the third item in this column from 2021.

Next we have a look at how Europeans and Americans respond to intruders.

Reminds me of this comparison of Texans and Europeans.

Our third item shows a disappointed American father.

Since gun safety is an important issue, here’s the number one rule to follow.

Last but not least, here’s a reminder about a common link between two groups of bad people.

Regarding the final item, clever people have noted that there’s not much difference between the two different groups.

P.S. For the full collection of gun control satire, click here.

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I shared IRS-themed humor during tax season in 2021 and 2022, so let’s make that a new annual tradition. In honor of this year’s tax-filing season, let’s start with a Reason video from Remy.

To help deal with IRS non-responsiveness, Joe Biden has pushed through a law to dramatically expand the IRS.

Here’s a look at some of the new bureaucrats at their induction ceremony.

You may be wondering how those agents we’re selected.

Thanks to the Babylon Bee, we now know the 17 qualifications.

I though eight of them were particularly amusing.

What will all these new IRS agents do?

I doubt they’ll be answering the phone. Instead, I think we’re more likely to see small businesses being harassed.

Here’s one example.

Lest anyone think all these bureaucrats are going to make our lives less pleasant, our final item reminds you that tax tax code isn’t oppressive because you can simply emigrate.

Though keep in mind that you can’t simply leave. Successful Americans can get hit by Soviet-style exit taxes if these choose to leave the country. And plenty of politicians want to make that system even worse.

P.S. We can always dream about the ideal tax system. And if that never happens, at least we can hope for a second-best tax system.

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It’s time to phase out mockery of Crazy Bernie and focus more on mocking AOC.

We’ll start with this video, which is based on her assertion that anyone who criticizes her policies actually is lusting for her.

I will grant that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is attractive, by the way, so maybe my criticisms of her awful ideas also are caused by unrequited affection.

Or, maybe not.

For our second item, we know the so-called War on Poverty has been a failure, and I suspect AOC’s new idea will be similarly ineffective (though fortunately not as expensive).

Next we have AOC thinking that socialism works because professional socialists wind up lining their own pockets.

Our fourth item mixes left-wing economics with left-wing crime policy.

Last but definitely not least, here’s a different version of AOC’s infamous “tax the rich” dress.

Only this one focuses on her willingness to selectively lower tax burdens (green tax credits, state and local tax deduction, etc) for some rich people and businesses.

P.S. If you want other examples of AOC humor, click here, here, and here.

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Socialism is a total and miserable failureanywhere it’s been tried.

But socialism satire is the silver lining to that dark cloud. That’s today’s topic, starting with this video from Babylon Bee.

Next we have a sure-fire method of hiding a gun (or anything else of value) from a socialist.

I noted at the start of today’s column that socialism has never worked at any point in the past.

Our third item reveals that will never work at any point in the future.

Our fourth item is a visual depiction of Winston Churchill’s observation that capitalism is the unequal sharing of the blessings while socialism is the equal sharing of the miseries (other than the ruling elite).

As usual, I’ve saved the best for last.

It seems socialism even lacks the predictive power of a stopped clock

I’ll close with a serious observation that not all forms of socialism are created equal.

Totalitarian socialism (former Soviet Union, modern-day North Korea and Cuba) is the worst of the worst.

So-called democratic socialism, by contrast, is a movement of economic ignoramuses who (hopefully) have no desire to kill or imprison those who believe in economic liberty.

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I shared two columns (here and here) about economics humor in 2022 and another two (here and here) in 2021.

Today is our first collection of economics-themed satire for 2022 and we’ll start with this video highlighting government achievements.

Our second item was probably inspired by Elizabeth Warren.

Next we have some satire that contains a very important lesson.

Our fourth item was probably inspired by Crazy Bernie.

I always save the best for last and this cartoon strip about the Federal Reserve hits the spot.

I’ll end with a serious point. I can understand why the Fed adopted easy-money policies at the start of the pandemic. But I don’t understand why they maintained that approach in the last half of 2021 and all of 2022. That would be a great question the next time Fed Chairman Jerome Powell testifies on Capitol Hill (not that there are many politicians smart enough to pursue that line of questioning).

P.S. You can enjoy additional economics humor here and here.

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I’m going to start today’s column by admitting that I lied. That might be expected since much of my work takes place in the sleazy environment of Washington, DC.

But my lie was innocent. Back in 2020, when he was defeated by Joe Biden for the Democratic presidential nomination, I wrote what I thought would be a “Farewell-and-Good-Riddance Edition of Bernie Sanders Humor.”

I figured there would no longer be a need to mock Crazy Bernie (or is he Evil Bernie?).

But then I saw this tweet, highlighting how gullible idiots are being charged as much as $95 to attend Bernie’s lecture about the supposed evils of capitalism. And it included this amusing meme.

I don’t know if Bernie’s the one reaping the profits from this scam. But since he owns three homes and is part of the top-1 percent, I wouldn’t be surprised (sort of like this cartoon).

And since we’re kicking around Bernie one more time (or is this truly the last time?), here are a few other items.

Mao probably killed more people than anybody else in world history, so he’s definitely evil, whereas we can laugh our you-know-whats-off about Bernie.

(By the way, if we’re measuring evil by the percentage of the population that was butchered, than the communist dictator of Cambodia was worse than Mao.)

For our third item, the Babylon Bee put together an entirely plausible Bernie Sanders anti-poverty plan.

I am once again asking for your support in eradicating systemic poverty from the face of the earth. America can do it, but we won’t because America is immoral and Elon Musk has all the money. Horrible! I have a simple ten-step plan that is foolproof — and I should know because I’ve been to the Soviet Union and it’s a paradise over there, let me tell you!

The article lists 10 reasons, but 2-6 were the best in my opinion.

2. Tax rich people until they’re poor: If everyone is poor then no one will be.
3. Give everyone money until they become middle class: We cannot rest until Tom Hanks and John Doe are shopping at the same grocery store. Then maybe I can get an autograph.
4. Drop Elon Musk off the Empire State Building: This is how we win, America!
5. Print more money: Unexpected expenses can be paid for with a giant savings account everyone can access. The beauty of it is that if it’s overdrawn we can just print more money! Why haven’t we done this yet.
6. Offload our health care to Cuba: Sailing to Cuba for treatment will also build muscle, making you healthier overall! Is there anything Cuba can’t do?

This next one is basically a different version of a meme I shared in 2019.

As usual, I save the best for last. Here we have Bernie showing the socialist philosophy at a pot-luck dinner.

All take and no give. Sort of the mealtime version of this classic cartoon.

I’ll close by noting we mock Crazy Bernie for his overt hurry-up socialism. Well, the incremental version isn’t much better since you eventually wind up in the same bad place.

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Since I only shared two column of politician humor last year (here and here), I want to get an early start for 2023.

Our first example comes from the only good president of my lifetime.

For our second item, here’s a visual explanation of “public choice” theory.

For our next item, let’s go across the Atlantic Ocean for a quick look at the scandal-plagued (and big government-oriented) European Parliament, where bribery has a long tradition.

I’ve long argued that we don’t want “productive” politicians and that’s the message from our fourth item.

As usual, I’ve saved the best for last.

Amusing, but it’s genuinely scandalous that politicians from both parties often become very wealthy during their time in office.

I’m in favor of people becoming rich, but only when they do something valuable in the private sector, not because they are using insider knowledge about bad policy to line their pockets.

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After five columns mocking statism in 2021 (here, here, here, here, and here), I only produced one in 2022.

So let’s get an early start for 2023.

This cartoon is a helpful reminder that government has done many wonderful things throughout history.

Next we see a reminder that just because you ignore the government, that doesn’t mean the government will ignore you.

For our third item, here’s some satire about people who are ignorant of world history.

Next is a reminder that nitwit bureaucrats (I assume at the Department of Agriculture) want us to believe processed flour is better for us than vegetables.

Per tradition, I’ve saved the best for last.

Just like our third item, this is a helpful reminder that we should not trust government.

Unless, of course, you like that kind of shower.

And, as a libertarian, I support your right to like weird things…so long as one of those weird things isn’t imposing wasteful and venal government on the rest of us.

P.S. I have an entire page of cartoons and images mocking government, so feel free to peruse.

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I normally share humor about collectivism, gun control, politicians, and libertarians, but let’s augment my sparse collection of environment humor.

We’ll start with a video clip from the United Kingdom.

What makes the video amusing (and sad) is that it captures how politicians largely see global warming as an excuse to do things they have always wanted to do – i.e., grab more power and control.

Next, we have two examples of Greta humor, starting with this gas cap.

And this peek into the future.

Our fourth item shows how insufficient commitment to the environment can lead to personal loss.

As usual, I’ve saved the best for last.

Professor Glenn Reynolds (aka, Instapundit) famously has remarked that “I’ll believe it’s a crisis when the people who keep telling me it’s a crisis start acting like it’s a crisis.”

But as we repeatedly see, the people who pontificate about the environment (see here, here, here, here, and here) often have the biggest carbon footprints. And they have no intention of changing their lavish lifestyles.

Which is the message of this cartoon.

P.S. Other examples of environment humor can be found here, here, and here.

P.P.S. And here are examples of unintentional environmental humor.

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Since it’s Christmas, I don’t think anyone is interested in boring diatribes about tax reform or government spending.

So let’s continue the tradition of celebrating a libertarian(ish) holiday. Here are the previous editions.

For this year, our theme is Christmas presents.

The Babylon Bee has a gift guide to help left-wing parents pick the best presents for their kids. Here are my favorites.

1) Brand new gender: New genders are so hot right now. We would urge you to grab one before they run out, but honestly, there will always be more genders.

2) Allowance increase followed by tax increase: This valuable life lesson will impart to your youngling the wisdom found in pretending to give while actually taking.

3) Battery-powered police car to flip over and set on fire: Progressive children love acting out violently in the name love. This flammable gift is perfect if your child was too young to burn actual police cars back in 2020.

4) Crowbar and a ride to Nordstrom: Unique experiences are the most precious gifts you can give your child. This gift offers a hands-on understanding of where progressive policies have led.

8) Coal: This will prevent conservatives from burning it in power plants and destroying the planet!

9) Chairman Mao pop-up book: Let your child’s imagination be filled with stories of the beloved revolutionary who called for equality and fairness for everyone besides the 80 million who died under his rule.

Don’t forget to add “Kronies,” though they are now collectors’ items.

Now let’s shift to Reason, which surprisingly has a serious gift guide.

And very few of the gifts have anything to do with libertarian philosophy, but there is a bit of commentary mixed in for a few of the gifts.

And that means some of them are worth sharing.

Meater+ connects via Bluetooth to any smartphone or tablet, providing real-time updates on the ambient air temperature and the internal temperature of whatever is on the grill. …Even though it comes pre-loaded with the Food and Drug Administration’s recommended temperatures for each type and cut of meat, Meater+ lets you freely ignore the food bureaucrats’ often ridiculous edicts.

The “Come Back With A Warrant” doormat is a mainstay of liberty-minded home décor, and for good reason. It fulfills a utilitarian function—giving guests a place to wipe their feet—while also making your legal knowledge known to any state actors who might come a-knocking. …This holiday season, give the new home or apartment owner a gift that will both spiff up their doorway and remind guests—and government employees—that you are not to be trifled with.

…there’s the Lego City Roadwork Truck, which gives you another holiday excuse to teach a liberty-minded little one that government coercion isn’t necessary for successful public infrastructure projects. At a minimum, a firm foundation in road work terminology comes in handy when the future free thinker finds herself dorm room jousting with a “you didn’t build that”-kind of collectivist.

No libertarian bunker is complete without a decent soldering iron. Enter the Hakko FX600. …For those who get good at it, fixing stuff will become a hedge against instability. …it doesn’t take a doomsday scenario for some basic wiring skills to come in handy.

Throw away that five-gallon jug because gravity bongs just got a major upgrade. Stündenglass combines physics, airflow, and clean design to create a contactless smoke delivery system. With a 360-degree rotatable activation, it’s easy to keep herbs burning with no re-light needed.

P.S. If you some more Christmas-themed humor…

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Even though mocking politicians is one of my favorite activities, I just noticed that I’ve only shared one column of anti-politician satire this year. And that’s after sharing four versions (here, here, here, and here) in 2021.

So let’s try to catch up with some new jabs at our lords and masters.

We’ll start with some eternal wisdom from Steve Harvey.

The next three items will stay with the theme of greedy and grasping politicians.

Starting with this cartoon.

Followed by this cartoon strip.

And here’s one more, though I actually suspect the opportunities for graft as a governor are greater.

Let’s conclude with a reminder that elections sometimes don’t matter.

Though, given my background, it would show “big-spending politician” rather than “corrupt politician” if I created this meme.

To be fair, however, a Venn diagram of big spending politicians and corrupt politicians would have a very high degree of overlap.

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Let’s enjoy a third 2022 edition of libertarian humor (earlier versions here and here).

We’ll start with a look at horror movies adapted to a libertarian world.

Given my views on tax policy, this second item warms my heart.

Though I’m not an anarcho-capitalist, so my anti-tax arguments are not based on assertions about theft.

Our next item points out that libertarians and Republicans are not necessarily best buddies.

For our fourth item, we have an example of why homeschooling produces wiser children.

Last but not least, my favorite item comes from the 2020 vice-presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party.

To be fair, it was one of Obama’s CIA Directors who called libertarians terrorists rather than Biden, but I’m nonetheless ready to line up for free guns and money.


By the way, the same message was featured in one of my columns about gun control humor earlier this year.

As always, feel free to peruse my full collection of libertarian-themed humor.

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I only have two columns this year about gun control humor and it’s already November, so it’s time to pick up the pace.

Our first item today is from the Onion and my leftist friends will appreciate the jab at Texas.

Way back in 2009, I shared some humor about math education in government schools.

Here’s math education for supporters of the 2nd Amendment.

I’ve already shared one example of humor about whether the 2nd Amendment applies to modern weapons.

Our next item takes the other approach.

Our fourth item illustrates the lunacy of gun-free zones.

Per tradition, I’ve saved the best for last.

A leftist asked a Texan for advice on self defense, but didn’t understand the terminology.

P.S. If you want more humor about guns and Texans, click here, here, and here.

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I’ve shared many columns featuring communism humor and even more columns filled with socialism humor.

Today, let’s look at crossover humor. Each of these five items applies equally to both of those collectivist ideologies.

The worst person in world history makes an appearance in our first item.

Our next item mocks leftists in general.

For our third item, I agree that there’s a difference between Marxism and so-called democratic socialism, but the cat correctly notes there’s a huge difference between free enterprise and cronyism.

Let’s return to the problem that our leftist friends have with the real world.

Here’s Homer Simpson getting ready to thrash both socialism and communism.

Last but not least, our final item notes that the dictators (and their progeny) live fat and happy lives while ordinary people suffer immensely under communism and socialism.

With a body count of 100 million, communism definitely killed a lot of people. Whether they were “friends” is a separate question.

P.S. To close with a serious comment, socialism is an economic system based on misguided policies such as government ownershipcentral planning, and price controls. Communism is a political system based on dictatorship and oppression.

By definition, every communist is a socialist. But not every socialist is a communist (especially not today’s so-called democratic socialists who are really just class-warfare redistributionists rather than real socialists).

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Socialism Humor

I’ve only had two columns (here and here) mocking socialism this year, so time to pick up the pace with five new items for our collection.

Our first example cleverly captures the staggering naivete of some young people.

(By the way, there is a potential antidote for youthful socialism.)

Next we have a classic example of how coerced equality is the go-to solution anytime socialists identify a problem.

But don’t overlook the fact that the supposed solution doesn’t work. Which is always the case with socialism.

Our third item is some satire from Babylon Bee and I’ve picked the best five.

  • 2) The Borg Collective: Like a more efficient Federation that tears through freedom-loving planets and subjects them to the will of the collective.
  • 4) In John Lennon’s “Imagine”: Everything works perfectly when you imagine it! Even marriage to Yoko Ono.
  • 5) Smurf Village: Cheerful workers in a heavily regulated population. Just like China.
  • 9) An ant farm: It worked great until a kid came and shook it up.
  • 10) Whatever South American country Che Guevara ruled: We’re sure socialism worked there, otherwise people wouldn’t still be wearing the shirt

Next we have a contribution from AOC.

I always save the best for last and regular readers will understand why this fifth item is my favorite.

If it sounds like an exaggeration to take away $7, just think about Senor Alvarez in Spain.

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Time for another edition of economics humor (previous versions here, here, here, and here).

We’re going to start with the topic of free trade, which people sometimes oppose when casting ballots but inevitably support when spending dollars.

Next, we have a bookstore that understands how to categorize Keynesian economics.

Our third item is an amusing stereotype of economists.

Perhaps you now understand why I have several columns based on why people should not trust economists.

Now let’s turn to the issue of inflation.

I’ve written about the topic of rising prices, but I didn’t realize the situation had reached the crisis level captured by this tweet.

So how do we stop the problem of inflation to protect helpless victims like Leonardo DiCaprio?

My last – and favorite – item for today shows that it is sometimes unpopular to offer good answers.

As the guy falls to his death, at least he will be comforted by knowing he is right.

Maybe his last thought will even be about a permanent solution.

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California Humor

California is a beautiful state, but it seems politicians are trying to drive away people and businesses with terrible policies.

And here’s a satirical video about the exodus.

Our second item reminds me of the famous joke comparing coyotes in California and Texas.

Next we have a grim look at the state’s possible future.

For our fourth item, here are some excerpts from an article published by America’s top site for political satire, the Babylon Bee.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis flew 50 migrants to an affluent island in Massachusetts… Progressives have labeled the action as “cruel” and “heartless,” but when California governor Gavin Newsom volunteered asylum for the migrants in his own state, they declined the offer since they had only recently escaped a collapsing communist state without electricity. …The migrants say that California’s trash-littered sidewalks, water shortages, and electrical outages bear too much resemblance to the Venezuela they left behind for it to be a desirable destination. …At publishing time, Newsom had reiterated his offer in a video at his $5 million home, gesturing to the plentiful electricity around him, but migrants have said that this reminds them too much of the opulence enjoyed by Chavez and then Maduro while they wreaked havoc on the nation.

Per tradition, I’ve saved the best for last.

With so many businesses and middle-class households fleeing California, here’s a helpful reminder that they should not push for dirigiste policies in their new states.

P.S. For what it’s worth, there’s actually some evidence that the folks moving into Texas are more conservative than average. Though I wonder if Colorado has been pushed to the left by California migrants. Let’s hope not since TABOR is definitely worth preserving.

P.P.S. Other California-themed jokes (not counting the state’s elected officials) can be found here, here, herehere, and here.

P.P.P.S. And here’s something I wish was just a joke.

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Time for a new edition of libertarian humor.

I wrote yesterday about a controversy involving the Heritage Foundation and closed by wondering about the implications for those of us who favor small government.

My view is that libertarians can be strong allies with limited-government conservatives such as Reagan.

But this cartoon strip shows what happens most of the time when consorting with Republicans.

I’m always happy to share anti-libertarian humor, even when I think it’s based on false premises (such as libertarian breakfast cereal, libertarian Somalia, libertarian lifeguards, and a libertarian ambulance service).

Which is why I chuckled at our second item, even though the vast majority of parking lots are on private property and are properly lined.

Our third item looks at what causes people to change ideologies.

Very clever.

Libertarians are sometimes accused of being…well…socially awkward.

So Babylon Bee is helping them out with a collection of potential pick-up lines.

As usual, I’ve saved the best for last. Many libertarians are fans of the Star Wars movies, and our final item could be the reason.

There’s also a libertarian version of Star Trek. And a version for Games of Thrones as well.

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There are many serious objections to Biden’s unilateral student loan bailout (I included a poll with six potential answers in this column).

And I’m sure I’ll write more serious columns about the issue, whether focused on the specific problem of the bailout or the broader issue of how student loans enable colleges to increase tuition (the third-party payer problem).

Today, though, let’s enjoy some gallows humor.

We’ll start with some satire directed at the people who think others should pay for their mistakes.

Here’s another meme with the same message.

Next, we have a couple well-to-do college graduates explaining the benefits of the bailout to someone who only finished high school.

As you might expect, the satirists at Babylon Bee have weighed in.

One local plumbing contractor, Sam Caughorn, is really looking forward to paying the tab on his neighbor’s $89,000 gender studies degree. “Listen, I’m just a plumber,” he said. “I didn’t go to college, but I work hard and support my family. I don’t know about all that high-falutin gender stuff they teach in college, but I’m sure it must be important since it’s so expensive! Happy to help out another person in need.” According to studies, there are millions of white girls working at coffee shops across the country while struggling under the crushing student debt they acquired by irresponsibly obtaining college degrees that gave them no marketable job skills. …Local gender studies major Amber White is looking forward to having all her debt forgiven, thanks in part to the contributions of plumbers like Sam Caughorn. “I’m so thankful for the generosity of our Democrat leaders!” she said. “They really look out for the little folx. Also, down with capitalism and white men!”

One of my oft-repeated jokes is that I’m a lesbian trapped in a man’s body.

Well, here’s a bailout version of that sophomoric humor.

But why stop with mortgage? Surely other types of debt deserve forgiveness?

There are many villains connected to this issue, most notably callow politicians such as Biden.

But colleges and universities must be thanking their lucky stars that so few people are focusing on their role.

As is my tradition, I’ve saved the best for last.

Here’s an updated look at the oft-used equality-equity meme.

I’ll close with one serious point.

As a general principle, redistribution is economically harmful since it penalizes work and subsidizes idleness.

But it becomes disgusting and morally offensive when it takes money from the less fortunate and gives it to those with more wealth and income. And that’s the net effect of Biden’s student loan bailout.

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Yesterday’s column was rather depressing, focusing on the expansion of a corrupt internal revenue service.

To make matters worse, that IRS expansion is part of a larger package of new taxes and more spending.

So let’s offset that bad news with some economics humor.

Since the Biden-Manchin-Schumer legislation includes a big back-door tax increase on companies (the provision targeting “book income“), that’s a perfect segue to our first item about taxation and incentives.

The Biden-Manchin-Schumer legislation isn’t just about misguided tax increases.

It also contains lots of new spending.

Which is why this list from the Babylon Bee is very appropriate.

Next, most of the world’s major nations are dealing with rising prices.


Because central banks around the world dramatically expanded their balance sheets (i.e., created too much money).

So this definition is both timely and accurate.

Speaking of central banks, here’s a little girl pretending to be Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

Except we now have the highest inflation in 40 years, so the fire is doing even more damage.

Per tradition, I saved the best for last. I’ve written many times that being pro-capitalism is not the same as being pro-business.

Well, here’s a helpful algorithm to show the difference between genuine free enterprise and despicable cronyism.

P.S. You can enjoy previous collections of economics humor by clicking here, here, and here.

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Time to add to our collection of humor about gun control.

Back in 2013, I conducted a poll on the most important reason to oppose gun control. The most-common answer was to have the ability to resist government tyranny. Which is the theme of our first item.

The next bit of humor has the same message.

Our third item reminds me of my “IQ test” for criminals.

Next we have a cartoon that combines two hot-button issues.

As is my tradition, I’ve saved the best for last.

And the reason it’s the best is because it is such an accurate depiction of the thinking of our friends on the left.

P.S. Regarding the quiz I mentioned at the start of the column, I think the correct answer is that we should oppose gun control in order to have the ability to protect ourselves in case of societal breakdown.

As we saw most recently at the height of the pandemic, it is unwise to rely on government to protect us during times of crisis.

Heck, governments don’t do a good job of protecting us during times of calm.

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It’s been almost six months since I last mocked the poisonous ideology of socialism.

So let’s rectify that oversight with five new items for our collection.

Our first item shows where “Soviet Barbie” lives, followed by the fancy abode of a self-annointed socialist leader.

Next, we have a bus driver warning about a reality check (basically the same message as this great tweet).

Our third item compares a defining characteristic of capitalism (mutually beneficial voluntary exchange) and a defining feature of socialism (envy).

Our next item shows how a socialist ignores real-world evidence while focusing on a never-achieved fantasy.

As usual, I’ve saved the best for last.

This one reminds me of the story the New York Times wrote in 2020, which focused on Venezuela’s decrepit economy but somehow never mentioned socialism.

Our friends on the left apparently want people to believe that socialism produces horrible results because of mysterious outside factors. Just bad coincidences, or something like that.

But since there’s never been a successful socialist economy (even voluntary socialist societies collapse), maybe it is time they realize they’ve been supporting a failed ideology.

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I shared some anti-communism satire in January and March, so it’s time for some new material.

We’ll start with this look at how people can be victimized by both communism and capitalism…though you may notice that the levels of victimization are not exactly similar.

This next meme is a bit of an exaggeration since there are plenty of private charities in capitalist societies and starvation only occurs sporadically in communist societies.

But the core point is correct.

I also don’t think our third item is correct given the overwhelmingly leftist orientation of academic historians.

But it is nonetheless amusing because there is a strong link between supporting communism and ignoring history.

For our fourth item, here’s a new version of the Santa-to-Marx evolution.

As usual, I’ve saved the best for last.

Modern-day communists almost surely imagine themselves as party bosses in a Marxist society.

But as shown in the fourth item in this post and the first item in this post, that is a silly fantasy.

With the exception of a tiny elite, everyone is communist societies is little better than a slave to the state.

P.S. I will never cease to be embarrassed that I scored 6% in a are-you-a-communist quiz. In my defense, some of the questions are poorly worded.

P.P.S. Here’s the entire collection of communism and socialism humor.

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Last September was my most-recent contribution of bureaucrat-themed humor.

Let’s add to the collection today.

Our first item perfectly illustrates what happens when bureaucrats pay taxes.

Our second item begins with a reference to a British politician, but you don’t need to know Jacob Rees-Mogg to appreciate the anti-bureaucrat satire.

Next, we have a bureaucrat who was careless when asking a genie to grant his wishes.

Here’s my favorite item, and it’s supported by research.

My all-time favorite example of anti-bureaucrat satire is this video, though this top-10 list from David Letterman is a close second.

P.S. Since we’re making fun of bureaucrats, here’s a good jab at the Post Office from Jimmy Kimmel and a clever one-liner from Craig Ferguson. And to see how government operates, we have the Fable of the Ant. But this Pearls before Swine cartoon strip is very clever. Also, here’s a new element discovered inside the bureaucracy, and a letter to the bureaucracy from someone renewing a passport.

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I shared four editions of gun control humor (here, here, here, and here) in 2021, but none so far this year.

Time to rectify that oversight, starting with this amusing video.

Next, we have a message for leftists who think America is a horrible society, yet for inexplicable reasons always want government to have more power and authority.

Our third item deals with America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, which was the right policy but the wrong implementation.

One consequence is that the Taliban gained control over billions of dollars of sophisticated weaponry.

Needless to say, that made many Americans jealous.

This next item made me laugh.

In part because some people are dumb enough to think it’s easier to get a gun than vote and in part because Martin deserves an award for cleverest comeback.

Here’s my favorite item from today’s collection.

The United States arguably leads the world in gun ownership. That would not be good news for any invaders.

The jab at Oregon was particularly amusing. People who vote higher taxes on themselves obviously are incapable of self-government, much less self-defense.

If anyone knows what is meant by “contractors” and “CMP people,” please let me know if the comments section.

P.S. If you want more gun control humor, click here.

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Our last compilation of anti-communism humor was back in January, so it’s time to expand our collection.

For our first item, let’s celebrate Marx’s inability to understand basic economics (which helps to explain why jurisdictions that cling to Marxist socialism are among the world’s most impoverished places).

Our second example of satire takes advantage of the historical link between communism and empty stomachs.

If you want to know how the guy in the next-to-last item from this column was raised, I assume this was the book his mother read to him at bedtime.

For our fourth item, I definitely think this tweet hits the target.

Though its not completely accurate since Marxist bosses enjoy lavish meals. Ordinary people are the ones who suffer.

As usual, I save the best for last. Our fifth item mocks how many leftists are motivated by hate and envy.

Since several items in today’s column dinged communism for its inability to produce enough food, I’ll close by drawing people’s attention to this very funny example of cultural appropriation.

P.S. If you wonder whether you might be a communist, take this quiz (I’m embarrassed to admit that I got 6 percent).

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Last year, we targeted politicians with some much-deserved satire on four occasions (here, here, here, and here).

I don’t want to fall behind that pace for 2022, so here’s our first collection for this year.

We’ll start with this cartoon strip about the criminal behavior of the folks in Washington.

Ever wonder how we get awful policies such as ethanol subsidies?

Our second item answers that question.

Our third item actually isn’t funny. It’s sad that we let politicians bribe us with our own money.

Now let’s look at the what happens when Republicans and Democrats cooperate.

Here’s the same point from a different perspective.

Per tradition, I’ve saved the best item for last.

More parents need to have this type of discussion about the birds-and-the-bees.

And when there are lots of clowns and lots of serial killers, then you wind up with entire hives of politicians.

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I write frequently about economic policy in California, mostly to note that bad policy by politicians is offsetting the state’s natural advantages such as climate, natural resources, and topography.

The net result is a slow-motion economic suicide, as measured by a gradual loss in competitiveness and unfavorable migration patterns.

Today, we’re going to make similar points, but we’ll use humor. Like we did in 2020.

There’s probably no better summary of the state’s misplaced priorities than this meme, which compares the laughable promises of high-speed rail with the reality of mass crime in rail yards.

What happens when a state criminalizes plastic straws and de facto decriminalizes theft?

This happens.

Strangely enough, some people don’t like paying a lot of tax to a government that squanders money and fails to provide basic services.

But if too many of them try to escape at the same time…

Maybe politicians from the Golden State should build that Berlin Wall that Walter Williams joked about.

It’s nice that Californians are allowed to escape. But it may not be so nice for other states if they bring their left-wing voting habits with them.

Last but not least, my favorite item today is this cartoon, which shows would-be entrepreneurs the best routes for economic success.

Though it isn’t really a joke, given all the businesses that have migrated.

P.S. While California is easy to mock, I think Illinois and New Jersey actually are in worse shape (and lots of people share my view about Illinois).

P.P.S. Other examples of California-themed humor can be found here, here, here, and here.

P.P.P.S. There are some crazy policies that are too much even for the crowd in Sacramento, so maybe there’s hope for the state.

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We had five editions (here, here, here, here, and here) of libertarian humor in 2021.

Our first edition for 2022 starts with this clever video from Reason.

Next, here’s Ron Paul hoping that looters can be tricked into targeting the Federal Reserve.

Libertarians love arguing with each other (Randians fighting Austrians fighting anarcho-capitalists, etc), but outsiders presumably think it’s all crazy.

Which is the point of our third item.

What’s the libertarian spirit animal?

Probably a rattlesnake or porcupine, based on various t-shirts I’ve seen.

But maybe we’re just house cats.

I’ve saved the best for last.

Here’s how to identify a libertarian, courtesy of Babylon Bee.

Ouch, that’s definitely the stereotype. Hopefully we’re not actually this dorky in real life.

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My most-recent edition of communism mockery was last October.

So let’s take this opportunity to add to our ever-growing collection.

We’ll start with this list of nations that have achieved success by following the ideas of Karl Marx.

Speaking of Marx, he’s bragging in this meme about the most notable cuisine of communist nations.

In other next item, Marx is peeved that he is a clown compared to Ayn Rand and the famous duo of Austrian economics, Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek.

Let’s stop picking on Marx since it’s too much like taking candy from a baby.

Instead, let’s mock the consequences of his evil ideology.

Our fourth item shows the results of a real-world experiment between capitalism and communism.

A comparison of East Germany and West Germany tells the same story.

Per tradition, I’ve saved the best for last.

Here’s an item from The Onion about how communism would have been a great success if the Soviet Union had somehow managed to kill 20.1 million people rather than “just” 20.0 million.

Sadly, there are some leftists who won’t understand this satire.

These are the nutjobs who claim that “real communism hasn’t been tried.”

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