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I’ve written a couple of serious posts about the European fiscal crisis, including an explanation of how the problem could be solved and one about the importance of gun ownership in case the pessimists are right and civil society collapses.

But something funny would make this day better and this Hitler parody is the best summary of the situation on the other side of the Atlantic.

The only thing more amusing than this video, if you like unintentionally dark humor, is the flailing incompetence of Europe’s political elite.

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At my wedding

Very sad news from Vermont.

My dad passed away last night.

He lived a full life and good life, died peacefully, and was surrounded by his wife and seven of his kids at the end.

All things considered, a decent way for a bad thing to happen.

Although he didn’t seem very interested in politics and public policy as I was growing up, he was involved in the founding of the Conservative Party of New York.

So he must have given me some good genes. No wonder I don’t like RINOs.

And he definitely passed along being a Yankees fan. Some of my best memories include going to games at the old Yankee Stadium as a kid.

Many thanks to those who already have expressed condolences, as well as to those who will.

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