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Political humor doesn’t always require a policy message.

That’s clearly the message of this first image, one that will probably strike a familiar chord for most guys.

Indeed, some of you may sympathize with the President for the first time in your lives.

Obama Switch Seats

This is vaguely reminiscent of something that actually happened to me. Years ago, I was with a significant other and noticed a rather attractive woman walking in our direction. To avoid any accusation that I was ogling this other woman, I deliberately looked in a different direction as we walked past. Showing that no good deed goes unpunished, my charming companion then snapped, “I saw you not looking at that woman!”

I’m not joking. If you’re a guy, just accept the fact that you’re always wrong.

But let’s revert to our typical style and share some humor with a policy angle.

Here’s the President hard at work promoting international stability.

Keep It Image

Needless to say, we’ve already had lots of fun because of the Obamacare screw-up, and I expect we’ll still be laughing about it well into the future.

And this next image is appropriate when you consider the way the White House has cavalierly disregarded the law as it picks and chooses when parts of Obamacare to implement.


And even though I’ve explained that Obama technically isn’t a socialist, this next image is quite amusing.

Socialism Century

To close up today, let’s share another example of non-policy humor. It has nothing to do with Obama. Indeed it’s more akin to the politically incorrect terror alerts I shared a couple of years ago.

International Problem Solving

Most of the stereotypes make perfect sense, but I confess that I have no idea what the last two mean. Are Brazilians big pizza eaters? And are Argentinians famous for making things much worse? Actually, that may be true since politicians have crippled a country that used to be one of the world’s 10-richest nations.

P.S. I just self-censored myself. The original title of this post was “Obama in the Crosshairs,” which was a way of avoiding yet another derivation of “More Obama Humor.” But then I realized some statist – filled with faux outrage – might attack me for making a threat against the President. Sigh.

P.P.S. If you want more Obama humor, check out this t-shirt, this Pennsylvania joke, this Reagan-Obama comparison, this Wyoming joke, this Bush-Obama comparison, this video satire, and this bumper sticker.

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