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Socialism Humor

Time to add to our collection of socialism humor.

We’ll start with a look at where our leftist friends go for vacation.

Actually, we know that leftists are often hypocrites. The waterpark is where they want us to be stuck.

Let’s now look at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez‘s brilliant observation about rescuing Venezuela’s crippled economy.

Speaking of Venezuela, this image is both funny and clever. Though there is an exception to the rule. The leaders of socialist regimes manage to accumulate (i.e., steal) a lot of wealth.

And here’s an example of socialist thinking. For obvious reasons, it reminded me of this Chuck Asay cartoon.

Let’s close with this image of socialist policing (as opposed to libertarian policing).

By the way, I will freely confess that I’m sympathetic to class-warfare-based fines for speeding.

But not because I hate the rich. Instead, I think that will be a way of protecting the poor from predatory policing.

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