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Weekly Political Humor

To be fair, this applies to almost all politicians – Republicrats and Demoblicans.


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The title of this post is a joke, but not really. As mentioned in an earlier post, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) tried to categorize tax avoidance as something to be fought as part of its anti-tax competition project. This implies, of course, that any decision we make to lower our taxes is suspect, even if we are following the law! For those who care about tax competition, fiscal sovereignty, and financial privacy, I explore the implications of what happened in Mexico City in this Strategic Memorandum.

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Not a Good Year for Pets

Not a great day. The last of the family pets had to be put down today because of lung cancer. This is only one month after our cat was run over, and just a few months after the oldest dog passed away in his sleep. This is a policy blog, but I hope you won’t mind this short remembrance of Biggles, Phronsie, and Mondale.

Biggles, Phronsie, and Mondale

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