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For those who followed my adventures at the OECD conference in Mexico, you have some idea of the dangers posed by bureaucrats trying to create a global tax cartel. For further information, I have an article in the latest issue of Offshore Investment. The whole article is worth reading, but the concluding paragraph is a good summary:

Politicians from high-tax nations – and the international bureaucracies that represent those governments – will continuously push schemes to restrict tax competition, and they have the advantages of time and (other people’s) money on their side. Although tax competition has been a liberalising force throughout the world, encouraging governments to lower tax rates, even leading a number of jurisdictions to adopt simple and fair flat tax systems, this liberalising process is being threatened by a number of policies mostly stemming from Europe. This is bad for low-tax jurisdictions and bad for taxpayers (especially those from high-tax nations). Tax harmonisation means higher tax rates and a more onerous burden of government. This inevitably translates into slower economic growth and stagnating living standards.

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