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I greatly admire the way some political cartoonists are able to effectively capture the essence of an issue.

And when it comes to government, I’ve always enjoyed the cartoons that portray the state as a blundering, often-malicious, overweight nitwit. You can see some of my favorite examples here, herehereherehereherehereherehere and here.

But I don’t recall ever seeing a cartoon that manages to illustrate the real nature of politics.

Until now, that is. Enjoy this Glenn McCoy cartoon, which cleverly shows the attitude of Washington’s ruling class when confronted by ordinary citizens who band together to defend themselves from predatory politicians.

Government Goliath Cartoon

Glenn McCoy, by the way, had a very respectable showing in my poll allowing readers to pick their favorite political cartoonist. His top cartoon, on media bias, is funny on several levels.

Sticking with the topic of government, let’s also enjoy a Steve Kelley cartoon that was published back during the shutdown fight (which was the source of a lot of good humor). The cartoon is a bit dated, of course, but the “business as usual” line gives it an everlasting appeal.

Government Incompetence Cartoon

Needless to say, the disastrous unveiling of Obamacare basically confirms the cartoon’s message, so it’s hard to know where satire ends and reality begins. It’s almost as if Obama is a Manchurian candidate. Except instead of being a socialist plant, as some conspiracy-minded conservatives seem to think, he’s actually a closeted libertarian who’s brilliantly waging a campaign to convince people to distrust big government!

Maybe I accidentally stumbled onto something when I joked back in 2010 that the Libertarian Party was going to name Obama its Man of the Year.

All joking aside, this poster has a very serious message, just like the above cartoons, and I encourage people to share it widely.

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