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This is quite a place. Every possible luxury car is sold here, including ones I’ve never heard of (if you have more than one Lotus, do you have Loti or Lotuses?). The yachts in the harbor are enormous. Best of all, there is no income tax. And because European nations are much better than the United States about letting people escape without fascist exit taxes, Monaco has attracted many wealthy people from all over Europe.

I give a speech to their business association tomorrow before heading back to the United States.

By the way, this is not exactly a fun trip. Everything is too expensive, and it is too cold to vegetate in the sun. I could go to the casino, I suppose, but I find gambling tedious and they probably wouldn’t even allow peasants like me to enter the place.Be envious of me when I go to Cayman, not when I’m in Europe in March.

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