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I had the gall to share a video yesterday of me lecturing for an hour about the economics of public policy (followed by another hour of Q&A).

Though I also included this link to a six-minute video on the same topic for folks who just wanted to skim the surface.

Well, for those who like detailed expositions, here’s a video giving the Austrian school’s view of macroeconomics.

In the past, I’ve only briefly addressed Austrian theory, linking once to a deliberate argument for Austria economics by Robert Higgs and once to an unintentional argument for the Austrian school by Robert Samuelson.

This video will eat up about one hour of your day, but it will be time well spent. It’s a thorough explanation showing why the Austrian school offers the best insight about how a real-world economy operates.

P.S. If you want an Austrian-based critique of the Federal Reserve, this George Selgin video will give you everything you could possibly want.

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