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Today’s entry is in the running for the all-time best political humor. It surpasses the GM Obummer car, though it probably doesn’t quite beat out the Iowahawk video of the Pelosi GTxi SS/RT.

Think about the image below as part III of the anti-libertarian humor series, with Parts I and II here and here.

If we number the images so that the first row is 1-4, the second row is 5-8, etc, my favorites are 1, 7, 15, 16, 22, and 23.

If I had to identify myself, I’ll admit to 16 and 22.

The person who put this together obviously knows libertarians, though I think 4 and 13 don’t apply to libertarians any more than they apply to other political/philosophical groupings.

I also think 12 is wrong because libertarians are frugal in that they want to keep their own money and reduce the burden of government, so there’s nothing selective about their frugality.

And 19 is wrong because libertarians generally agree that one of the few legitimate roles of government is to protect life, liberty, and property. They’ll disagree about whether abortion is the taking of a life, but there’s nothing hypocritical about some libertarians being pro-life.

But other than that nitpicking, I’ll admit this is very funny.

One last thing. If there are libertarians who fit into category 11, I hope there are more people like this Spanish mother.

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