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I’ve heard of sore losers, but never sore winners.

“El Presidente, it is best to steal all the money, not just 39.6 percent of it”

But that’s what popped into my mind when reading how the dictator of Venezuela supported Obama, yet already is second-guessing the President for paying insufficient attention to domestic affairs.

Yup, the thug who is presiding over an economic nightmare is presuming to give advice about domestic policy to the White House.

If you can believe it, Obama is being nagged for insufficient redistributionist zeal!

Here’s some of what Reuters wrote about the topic.

Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, has advised newly re-elected U.S. President Barack Obama to…concentrate on fixing internal problems. “He should reflect first on his own nation, which has a lot of economic and social problems. It’s a divided, socially fractured country with a super-elite exploiting the people,” the socialist president said late on Thursday in his first reaction to Obama’s victory this week… The 58-year-old Chavez, a quieter figure these days after a year of debilitating treatment for two bouts of cancer, had backed Obama over Republican challenger Mitt Romney in the White House.

As a nonpartisan patriot, I think it’s time to rally behind the President.

Chavez is a despicable thug and an economic illiterate. So if he’s whining about Obama, that at least means the President isn’t moving the country rapidly in the wrong direction.

Is that damning with faint praise? Of course.

But however much I criticize Obama’s policies, I am 99 percent sure that it is a good thing that Hugo Chavez is disappointed.

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If you click here, you’ll see the best poster ever produced on gun control. It shows the various tyrants that have disarmed citizens as part of their oppressive rule.

But it’s missing one face, Hugo Chavez, the hopefully-soon-to-die dictator of Venezuela.

Here’s the key part of an excellent column for Business Insider.

In recent remarks to the Latin American Herald Tribune, Venezuelan Interior and Justice Minister Tareck El Aissami announced that the government will begin suspending firearm importation, effective this month. Furthermore, local gunsmiths will no longer be able to market or sell firearms and ammunition. According to El Aissami, “As of March, every last gun shop remaining in Venezuela – and there are less than 80 – should be closed. That is to say, in Venezuela, the perverse chapter of the commercialization of firearms and munitions is over.”

If you support the 2nd Amendment, you’ll enjoy these gun control posters (here,hereherehere, and here). And here are some amusing images of t-shirts and bumper stickers on gun control (herehere, and here). In addition, I’ve posted three different videos on gun control (herehere, and here). And here’s my interview on NRA-TV. Last but not least, you’ll like this powerpoint presentation on Firearms and the Second Amendment.

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I’ve already posted about the nut who claimed that global warming was causing AIDS, so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that a writer for the New Republic says global warming may lead to genocide.

But that may not be the silliest thing said by a left winger in the past couple of days. Hugo Chavez is blaming capitalism for heavy rains that have caused flooding in Venezuela.

So which statement is more laughable? After careful consideration, I give the excessive hyperbole prize to Timothy Snyder, the author of the New Republic article.

Yes, I despise the Venezuelan dictator, but I can understand why a thug politician would want to deflect blame for his personal incompetence and his  government’s inability to deal with bad weather. Heck, even non-thug politicians look for scapegoats when their policies are failing.

Snyder, by contrast, is much more on the cutting edge of left-wing absurdity. Congrats to Tim!

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