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In recent years, taxpayers have been victimized by huge expansions in the burden of government spending. Among the highlights (lowlights would be a much better word):

With all that misery and failure, you would think people would be happy to learn that some government employees are trying to save money. So enjoy a laugh about this cartoon.

Sadly, the cartoon isn’t accurate, even by standards of parody. The agents were trying to save their own money by ripping off the escort. If they were using taxpayer money, they probably would have paid twice the going rate.

But it’s still funny, so enjoy. And if you appreciate political humor about Colombian hookers, check out this Bill Clinton post from a few days ago.

But if you refuse to be distracted by humor and would rather focus on reckless and wasteful spending, then you should watch this Rahn Curve video to understand the economic damage of big government.

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