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While Donald Trump issued some inanely illiterate tweets to promote protectionism, Joe Biden has made a fool of himself with tweets on a wider range of issues.

The easy response to all this nonsense is to jump on the Biden-is-a-befuddled-old-man bandwagon.

That may be good for a few laughs, and I’m a big fan of political humor (even when it targets my side).

But the more accurate assessment is that Biden is a politician and he’s doing what comes naturally to politicians – which is to spin, lie, dissemble, and prevaricate.

And if you think I’m being too critical, we have a new tweet from the White House that breaks all records for chutzpah.

I don’t know what’s most galling about this tweet.

  • Is it that the White House is taking credit for Social Security’s automatic COLAs (cost of living adjustments) even though that’s been part of the law for 50 years?
  • Is is that the White House is trying to make it seem like good news that we’ve had very high inflation, which is the only reason why the COLAs are so large?

In either case, the only thing Biden actually did was to preside over a period of rising prices (which, in the interest of fairness, is mostly not his fault).

I’ll close with the observation that I would be happy if politicians basically did nothing other than make false claims of “leadership.” It’s when they start enacting new laws that things usually get worse (and that’s definitely been true during the Biden years).

P.S. We’ve also seen brassy tweets from the campaign arm for Democratic members of the House of Representatives.

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