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Time for another edition of economics humor (previous versions here, here, here, and here).

We’re going to start with the topic of free trade, which people sometimes oppose when casting ballots but inevitably support when spending dollars.

Next, we have a bookstore that understands how to categorize Keynesian economics.

Our third item is an amusing stereotype of economists.

Perhaps you now understand why I have several columns based on why people should not trust economists.

Now let’s turn to the issue of inflation.

I’ve written about the topic of rising prices, but I didn’t realize the situation had reached the crisis level captured by this tweet.

So how do we stop the problem of inflation to protect helpless victims like Leonardo DiCaprio?

My last – and favorite – item for today shows that it is sometimes unpopular to offer good answers.

As the guy falls to his death, at least he will be comforted by knowing he is right.

Maybe his last thought will even be about a permanent solution.

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