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(Pre) Tax Day Humor

I shared some tax-themed humor for tax day in 2021, so let’s do the same thing this year (other examples here, here, here, here, and here).

We’ll start with a satirical video from Reason.

For our next item, the pain that Chris Rock felt is probably trivial compared to the pain the rest of are feeling as we finalize our tax returns.

I don’t mind sharing clever left-wing humor, so our next item envisions a billionaire going up in space while his taxes go down to zero.

At the risk of injecting some serious analysis, here’s my analysis of how to reduce tax evasion/avoidance and here are some of my thoughts of so-called offshore tax havens.

Now let’s return to satire.

IRS bureaucrats have been breaking the law by leaking tax returns, so this is an example of humor that is painfully real.

Per tradition, I’ll close with my favorite.

There’s been a campaign to tear down certain statues and monuments. Some of that energy should be channeled in this direction.

If you want some serious analysis of taxes, here’s an explanation of the economics of taxation and here’s a tutorial on fundamental tax reform.

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