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Since I view Ronald Reagan as an honorary libertarian, I was very happy back in 2013 to see that he won a landslide victory over Barack Obama in a hypothetical poll.

This meant that voters either were old enough to personally experience the benefits of Reaganomics, or they managed to learn some history (in spite of a biased education establishment).

Well, now I have another reason to be happy. According to a new poll shared by Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner, nearly 70 percent of respondents have a favorable impression of Reagan, easily the best result for all recent presidents.

Reagan also is disliked by the smallest percentage of respondents, a fact that almost surely irks some of my Reagan-hating friends.

And definitely irks Paul Krugman.

My two cents for today is that the current fight between Trumpism and establishment Republicanism is merely stylistic. If you crunch the numbers, you’ll see that both camps are big spenders.

I much prefer Reaganism.

Let’s wrap up with this cartoon strip that captures my sentiments.

P.S. Here’s an amusing story from Reagan about socialism (h/t: Don Boudreaux).

Not quite as good as this video, and it’s not even good enough to get added to this collection of Reagan videos, but it is a good description of why socialism is a failure.

P.S. There was one other president in the 20th century who deserves praise and applause.

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