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Being Libertarian

Back in 2018, I shared five images that capture what it means to be libertarian.

Let’s do the same thing today, except we’ll first start with a video that is interesting overall, but has some specific insights about libertarians from 5:45-7:20.

Now let’s look at our five new images.

We’ll start with the all-important point that there’s a big difference between wanting good things and thinking that government is the way to achieve good things.

Our second contribution shows the libertarian claim that they are the philosophical descendants of America’s Founders (even Alexander Hamilton).


Our third contribution is from Reddit’s libertarian page and it captures the movement’s laissez-faire spirit.

Next we have another reminder that government was the most dangerous entity in the 20th century (and presumably in all history).

Last but not least, here’s a powerful set of images that underscores the giant difference between legality and morality.

P.S. There’s another interesting video on Jonathan Haidt’s analysis of libertarians at the end of this column. And you can read more of his analysis here.

P.P.S. You can learn more about libertarian self-identification here and here.

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