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I often share quizzes and tests to help people determine whether they are libertarian. Though I wonder if these two sentences are all people need to know.

But maybe the right approach is to use pictures. So here are five images that summarize libertarianism.

Let’s start by looking at the one group of people who don’t instinctively appreciate the non-aggression principle of libertarianism.

Now let’s look at a quote from the great Thomas Sowell.

This resonates with me because I’m not a lifestyle libertarian. I personally don’t like drugs, gambling, cigarettes, and prostitution, but it would never occur to me to support government coercion to prevent others from making their own decisions with their own bodies, property, and money. I just wish other people shared my tolerance.

This third image nicely illustrates the libertarian view that politicians like to create and exploit divisions in society to help distract from the reality that the real enemy is big government.

We don’t need everyone to love everyone, but we definitely should learn tolerance and adopt by a live-and-let-live mindset.

Here’s a uncomfortably accurate image from Reddit‘s libertarian page. Our ideas are great, but we often tend to be quirky and unconventional (or even “autistic dorks“), which makes it more challenging to win new converts.

The above image reminds me of the the Mel Gibson comparison I shared back in April.

Last but not least, here’s an image from the libertarian meme page on Reddit. A very apt summary of how the country operates.

Amen. This image should be paired with this poster. I imagine these kids would agree.

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