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You would think Halloween would be the favorite holiday for leftists. After all, you go to other people’s houses and get free candy.

But since the entire process is voluntary, that spoils the fun for our coercion-loving statist friends.

Which may explain why a lot of Halloween humor has a libertarian bent. My favorite example is the video of a comedian explaining how to teach your kids about taxes after they’re done trick-or-treating.

Today, though, we’re going to enjoy a bunch of cartoons, starting with this Jerry Holbert gem showing Obama and his senior staff putting together his healthcare plan.

Obamacare Halloween Witches

The part about taxpayer wallets is painfully accurate.

Sticking with the witch theme, Ken Catalino’s cartoon makes a good point about Obamacare’s economic impact.

Obamacare Halloween Witch

This Tim Hartman cartoon could have been taken directly from today’s headlines.

Obamacare Halloween White House

It seems kids always have bad experiences when they make Halloween stops at the White House.

The witch theme returns with this Lisa Benson cartoon featuring Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

Obamacare Halloween Reid Pelosi

Steve Kelley mocks the President’s serial dishonesty about Obamacare in this cartoon.

Obamacare Halloween Pinochio

And this Henry Payne cartoon reminds us that maybe it’s not a bad idea to shut down the government.

Obamacare Halloween NSA IRS

Hmmm…I think I’ve already seen that idea.

Here’s Henry Payne again.

Obamacare Halloween Glitch

Yet another example of what happens when you trick-or-treat at the White House.

Last but not least, here’s John McPherson celebrating some very scary costumes.

Obamacare Halloween Congressmen

Speaking of which, click here if you like mocking politicians.

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