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As evidenced by my political cartoon contest, I’m a big fan of that form of satire.

And if I’m looking at cartoons specifically about statist economic policy, my favorites include Chuck Asay’s dead pig cartoon, as well as his cartoon about the big bad wolf.

And this Michael Ramirez headwinds cartoon is one of the most-viewed posts in the history of my blog, though I personally prefer his European lemming cartoon.

Now let’s add some more cartoons to the collection, beginning with a Michael Ramirez gem about Detroit.

Obamanomics Cartoon 2013 5

As with most clever humor, there’s a strong element of truth in this image. Thanks to Obamanomics, Detroit and Washington have some unfortunate similarities.

Next we have a good contribution from Lisa Benson.

Obamanomics Cartoon 2013 3

For obvious reasons, I like cartoons that portray Washington as a bloated slob. For other good examples, see here, here, hereherehere, here, here, here and here.

This Gary Varvel cartoon may be the best of today’s group.

Obamanomics Cartoon 2013 2

It reminds me, for some reason, of this Chuck Asay tractor cartoon.

And given Obama’s miserable record on jobs, let’s close with this Glenn McCoy cartoon.

Obamanomics Cartoon 2013 1

I guess this is sort of like giving all the 5-year olds on a soccer team a participation trophy. And I think press-as-cheerleader is a good touch. Which reminds me of my favorite Glenn McCoy cartoon about the unobtainable fox.

If I haven’t exhausted your interest in economic cartoons, I also recommend this Henry Payne classic about Obama and Greece, a first-rate cartoon on Keynesian stimulus by Scott Stantis, and this Eric Allie iceberg cartoon.

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