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The good thing about being a libertarian is that you are motivated by freedom, which is a very noble principle, and you have lots of evidence on your side, whether the issue is economics or personal liberty.

You can’t afford to be smug, of course, since it’s still a big uphill battle to convince politicians not to engage in plunder.

But at least you can sleep soundly at night knowing that you’re on the side of the angels.

And that even means you have self-confidence about your ideas and you can laugh when someone puts together some clever anti-libertarian humor.

Here’s the latest example, sent to me by a TV journalist.

Libertarian Chicken

What makes this funny is that libertarians are sometimes quick to defend their rights, even when nobody’s trying to take them away.

Which is why we sometimes get pigeonholed as being weird, like the family in the lower left of this poster, or paranoid, like the guy in the #8 spot of this poster.

But let’s be thankful that there are some libertarians willing to raise a stink about government even if the rest of the world thinks we’re a bit odd. As we’ve seen dozens of times, most recently with the IRS and NSA, bureaucrats and politicians have a compulsive tendency to grab more power and make government more intrusive.

I started yesterday’s post with a mother-in-law joke, so I’ll end today’s post by mentioning the fable of the frog that gets put in a pot of water and doesn’t jump out because the temperature feels comfortable. But then the heat is slowly raised and the frog no longer has the energy to escape when he finally figures out he’s being cooked.

Well, libertarians are the ones who loudly complain when the government puts us into pots.

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