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What’s the most noxious example of hypocrisy from the political class?

Is it left wingers from Obama’s cabinet utilizing tax havens while supporting higher taxes for the rest of us peasants?

HypocrisyOr how about politicians who voted for Obamacare and are now trying to exempt themselves and their staff from the law?

The limousine liberals who had a press conference for higher taxes and then rejected requests for them to pay more?

Or the Canadian politician who supports government-run healthcare for others, yet went to America for heart surgery?

Those are all good choices, but our old friend Dan Hannan from the European Parliament has another contestant. His tax-hungry colleagues (like their American counterparts) are bashing Apple, Google, and other multinationals for legally minimizing their tax burdens.

Yet as Dan explains, parliamentarians from 24 out of 27 nations get a sweetheart deal and pay a very low flat tax.

I don’t think I’ve posted any of Hannan’s material since a speech on the European racket in 2009 and two great speeches on taxation in 2010, so I’m glad I had a chance to rectify that oversight.

But I must say none of these examples of hypocrisy can compete with the bureaucrats from the OECD and IMF, both of whom get completely tax-free salaries while pushing for higher taxes on the rest of us.

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The title of this post is sort of like the age-old question of what came first, the chicken or the egg.

Should we blame politicians for our corrupt, loophole-ridden, abusive tax system?

Or should we focus our ire on the IRS, which seems to go above and beyond the call of duty to oppress innocent people?

I’ve generally directed my hostility to the politicians, but the latest IRS scandal is leading me to reassess my views.

This Lisa Benson cartoon captures the mentality of the tax collection bureaucracy.

Benson IRS Cartoon

The problem isn’t that the IRS wasted money at boondoggle conferences. Every government agency and department pisses away money in a frivolous fashion.

We should be far more worried about the IRS’s callous disregard of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

I’ve said many times that fundamental tax reform is the answer, but that’s only part of the story.

So long as we have a big and bloated government, the politicians are going to want some sort of oppressive bureaucracy to extract several trillion dollars of our money every year.

So if we really want to clip the wings of the IRS, we better figure out how to restore limited, constitutional government.

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