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Here’s a riddle for policy wonks. What do you get if you take my videos on theĀ  economics of government spending and mix them in a blender with my videos on America’s entitlement crisis?

You get this concise but compelling video from the Blaise Ingoglia at Government Gone Wild.

Blaise has several other videos I strongly recommend.

You’ll notice a common theme in all his videos: He lays out the facts in a blunt, hard-hitting manner.

And if you watch all of them, you’ll realize that government is the problem, not the solution.

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I enjoy anti-Republican humor just as much as anti-Democrat humor. That’s why I posted this very funny anti-Romney image.

And it’s why Congressman Todd Akin of Missouri has painted a bulls-eye on his back with his comments about rape and abortion. I’ve seen several good cartoons about his debacle, but this one is my favorite because there are several jokes combined in one image.

And here’s another good one. It doesn’t have the multiple components of the first cartoon, but sometimes a blunt-instrument approach also is effective.

Last but not least, just to show I’m truly non-partisan, you can find my favorite examples of anti-libertarian humor by clicking here.

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