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I’ve written occasionally about how the Founding Fathers wanted to limit the federal government’s powers by providing a list of enumerated powers in Article I, Section VIII, of the Constitution.

Sadly, the Supreme Court decided about 70 years ago to no longer uphold that part of the Constitution (sounds familiar, huh?).

But we should never give up on trying to restore our fundamental liberties, so I am very impressed that Senator Coburn raised this important issue while talking to one of the empty suits at MSNBC.

It’s somewhat amusing, by the way, to see that the MSNBC host didn’t have the slightest clue about the existence or meaning of Article I, Section VIII.

Having praised Senator Coburn, now let’s turn our attention to something very disappointing.

Here’s what the Oklahoma lawmaker recently said, as reported by a home-state newspaper, about a possible budget deal that would increase America’s fiscal burden.

They’re happy as loyal Americans to pay more taxes. And they will under any plan that I put forward.

WTF? He’s equating loyalty with being happy to give more money to the dysfunctional and corrupt political class in Washington! If he knows about Article I, Section VIII, then surely he understands that America’s birth was – in part – a tax revolt.

Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?

If Coburn’s quote sounds eerily familiar, it’s because a couple of other politicians have said similar things. But this is why the Senator’s remarks strike such a discordant note. He’s echoing the words of Joe Biden and Francois Hollande, two of the world’s most reprehensible statists.

Moreover, if the federal government actually obeyed the Constitution, as outlined in Article I, Section VIII, the federal budget easily would be reduced by more than 50 percent and the federal government would have a giant surplus. So why, then, is Senator Coburn willing to raise taxes?

And even if we pretend the Constitution doesn’t exist, why put taxes on the table when experience teaches us that politicians will simply spend any new revenue that materializes?

Last but not least, why agree to a tax hike when the budget can be balanced in just 10 years if politicians take the very modest step of restraining spending so it grows by 2 percent each year?

Taxpayers generally should be glad that Tom Coburn is in the Senate. I’m guessing that he does the right thing 90 percent of the time, which is more than can be said for most of his colleagues. But his comment about “loyal Americans” reveals an unfortunate blind spot on taxes and budget deals.

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Iowahawk has done it again.

He’s already famous for his spoof of GM’s new car, the Pelosi GTxi SS/RT, his parody of Julia the Moocher, and his video about Obama’s teleprompter.

Now he’s unveiled the Obama Bible. Here’s a sampling, but read the whole thing here.

And if you like the Book of Barack, you may also appreciate this inside look at Obama’s college transcript.

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