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Kudos to the Concerned Women for America, not only for this clever video, but also for putting the focus on the burden of government spending rather than the symptom of too much red ink.

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I’ve shared ant-related humor before with this modern version of the fable of the ant and the grasshopper.

Now our six-legged friend makes an appearance in a joke that I received from an increasingly famous libertarian on the left coast.

It’s very amusing, so long as you’re willing to laugh at bureaucracy’s expansion and America’s decline. Enjoy.


Want to know why we are still in a recession even though we have added

over 200,000 new federal employees in the past two years?

Simple, it’s not a good time to be an ant!

If you like this post, you will also enjoy this one and this one. Similar themes about the inefficiency of government and who pays the price.


Welcome to all Instapundit readers! Your comments are great, especially about the creeping bureaucratization of corporate America. Yes, the same cartoon could apply to companies like GM.

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