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I’ve written before about how the War on Poverty has likely resulted in more poverty.

I don’t know if the War on Drugs results in more drug use, but I have posted about how it is a costly failure that increases overall crime.

The good folks at Reason TV have just released a video about no-knock raids. This isn’t a typical policy video, but that may make it even more persuasive.

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News reports indicate that the left is putting enormous pressure on Republicans to sell out as part of the “Biden Group” negotiations between Congress and the Vice President.

I explained the other day why the left is so anxious to get GOPers to surrender on the tax issue. Simply stated, the left’s fiscal agenda requires more revenue coming to Washington. And they also want Republicans to commit political suicide.

If GOP politicians surrender on the tax issue, they deserve to lose. But the American people don’t deserve the negative consequences, which is what I discuss in this interview with Neil Cavuto.

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