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Whoever came up with this picture deserves a lot of credit. It’s amusing and it gets across exactly the message Obama wants.

Obama will probably enjoy a big bump in his popularity. But that’s fine with me. He deserves it.

I’ll go back to criticizing his economic policy soon enough, but at this moment I’m proud of America’s Commander-in-Chief.

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It was wonderful to wake up this morning in Austria and learn that Osama bin Laden is dead.

I’m proud of America’s special forces for their courage and ability. And I tip my hat to the Obama Administration for nailing OBL rather than capturing him (at least I hope that was the plan). Apparently the CIA Director got to watch live from Langley and see the loathsome maggot meet his long-overdue fate. Very cool.

Time for some old-fashioned patriotism.

And here’s one of the most touching renditions of America’s national anthem I’ve ever seen, performed at Buckingham Palace after 9-11.

Let’s enjoy this moment.

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