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If you go to the IRS website, there are about one thousand forms (and accompanying material such as instruction documents) that you can download.

Fortunately, most of us only have to worry about a small fraction of what’s on that list, but it’s still a nightmare – and one that gets worse every year because politicians have an endless appetite for manipulating our lives and auctioning off new loopholes for campaign cash.

So let’s take a few minutes to review the features of a tax system that is simple and fair (and pro-growth). I’m talking about the flat tax, which now is successfully working in about 30 nations.

Just a quick caveat for my friends who prefer the national sales tax. Yes, that system also would be a vast improvement. But since the Fair Tax or something like that would require a constitutional amendment to ensure that politicians couldn’t impose both a sales tax and income tax, that’s more of a long-term project.

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Because of their well-known kindness and generosity of spirit, our wonderful friends at the IRS are letting us wait until Monday before filing our tax returns (or tax extensions, for those of us love to postpone misery).

So let’s have a fun weekend returning the love and affection.

We’ll start with a top-10 list from Letterman. It’s not quite as clever or funny as I would hope, but still worth sharing.

10. IRS deadlines are just suggestions. File your taxes whenever you want.
9. Warlocks may not claim trolls as dependents.
8. Make filing more personable by naming your calculator. Mine is named “Owen.”
7. Make sure your accountant went to a real school and not a phony Internet college like I did.
6. H Block: Good guy, R Block: complete greaseball.
5. Getting a refund? Log on to IRS.gov to spin the wheel and play “double or nothing”.
4. If you don’t remember your Social Security number, make one up.
3. Do not use Wesley Snipes’ accountant.
2. Not really a tax tip, but accountants are wild in the sack.
1. Take it from me, prison’s not so bad.

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