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I tangle once again with my regular nemesis on Street Signs. I almost feel sorry for Christian, since he feels he should fall on his sword to defend the Administration’s make-believe “jobs created or saved” numbers. But then I remember that he has an annoying habit of trying to use up all the air time (his scientific name is Filibusteris Interruptus), and I realize that maybe this is karma.

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Yesterday’s elections were almost a complete disaster for the White House. In the races for governor, the GOP won a huge landslide in Virginia and knocked off the Democratic incumbent in New Jersey. The only silver lining to Obama’s dark cloud came in upstate New York, where the collectivist Republican nominee apparently was successful in helping the Democratic candidate beat the Conservative Party candidate in the race to fill a seat in the House of Representatives.

But this was a 99 percent defeat for the Obama Administration. Especially New Jersey.

From a policy perspective, it will make Democrats on Capitol Hill much more nervous about supporting government-run health care. This does not guarantee the defeat of Obamacare, but it is much less likely now than it was 24 hours ago.

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