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Investor’s Business Daily mocks the White House for proposing to trim a bloated government by 0.0028 percent. As I point out in the last two minutes of my CNBC clip below, Obama first saddled taxpayers with a fake stimulus bill that cost America $800 billion. He then added a $400 billion-plus spending bill, And he then rammed through a budget of $3.7 trillion. Calling for a miniscule $100 million spending cut (which actually would be nothing more than a tiny reduction in the big increases already built into the budget) is a “kick in the teeth” for taxpayers:
When President Obama directed his Cabinet to cut $100 million out of the budget, it looked at first like a misprint. That’s barely enough to count as a rounding error. …Measured against the $3.6 trillion budget Obama issued weeks ago, the cuts amount to 0.0028%. And assuming each of his Cabinet officials shares the burden equally — and how could they not? — they each only have to come up with about $7 million in savings.

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