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Last week, I went to New Hampshire to give a speech to the University of New Hampshire Students for Liberty (some members of the University of Southern Maine chapter came down for the speech as well). Yesterday, I spoke to the Young Republican state convention in Virginia. While both speeches were about the negative impact of ever-expanding government, I was intrigued by the differences between my audiences. The folks from the Students for Liberty (the picture below is me with the leadership of the UNH and USM chapters) reminded me of my college days as head of the University of Georgia chapter of Young Americans for Freedom. These kids are motivated by ideas, not party affiliation. I did not have much opportunity to socialize with the YR crowd, but I got the feeling that party affiliation came first. The audience was reasonably sympathetic to my remarks, to be sure, but nobody spontaneously cheered when I explained how Bush’s statist policies helped drive the economy into a ditch.


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